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About Energenx, Inc.

ENERGENX, INC. has developed core technologies based on an electromagnetic hybrid motor/generator, and on a new methodology for an improved charging process for batteries. This technology is used for the development of new energy supply systems, battery charging systems, and a new generation of electrical motors/generators. The Back EMF Permanent Electromagnetic Motor/Generator, makes use of several unique scientific and technical concepts that have been advantageously used and promoted by inventor John Bedini for many years.

John C. Bedini, Vice President for R&D of ENERGENX, and the inventor of the Bedini Motor/Generator have developed the patented Motor/Generator as well as several solid-state systems which have shown to be dramatically superior to conventional battery charging methodogies. Upon its formation, ENERGENX has been assigned by, and has acquired from John Bedini, the exclusive rights to these patents and any subsequent patents. In the course of the development of a highly efficient energy generation system, different ancillary products have emerged.

Instead of conventional constant current or constant voltage DC charging, batteries charged by electrical pulses with specific shape, frequency, and magnitude trigger improved electrochemical energy transfer in the battery. Because of this, the life of new batteries can be dramatically extended, and the capacity of older batteries, previously unable to be adequately charged by conventional means, can be increased.


The Bedini Motor/Generator uses the well known electrical principle of induction in an innovative way through timing, triggering and reversing the direction of the magnetic field at particular commutation points. By adjusting certain parameters of the machine, conventional electricity used to power the machine is manipulated into unconventional form. The newest version of this motor/generator is the 10-pole machine shown in the enclosed picture. It shows the rotor with embedded permanent magnets in the center of the motor, and the parallel primary and secondary windings on the coils located on the outside of the motor.

Many different prototypes of this new type of motor/generator have been built in order to study the unconventional characteristics of its operation. Because of the indigenous characteristics of the machine, we are confident that the motor will find its place in a variety of industrial applications.


On May 1, 2001, ENERGENX obtained an exclusive worldwide license from John Bedini to any proprietary technology being developed by John Bedini pertaining to a monopole motor/generator based energy delivery system for charging batteries, including a patent application filed on March 13, 2001 entitled "Device and Method for Utilizing a Monopole Motor to Create Back EMF to Charge Batteries." This was later issued as a patent on April 8, 2003. An additional patent application entitled  "Device and Method for Pulse Charging a Battery and for Driving Other Devices with a Pulse", covered by the license agreement relating to this technology was subsequently filed on December 21, 2001 and issued as a patent on January 13, 2004 .

Issued Patents

U.S. Patent 6,392,370 issued May 21, 2002 for a "Device and Method of a Back EMF Permanent Electromagnetic Motor Generator". Expires January 12, 2020.

U.S. Patent 6,545,444 issued April 8, 2003 for a "Device and Method for Utilizing a Monopole Motor to Create Back EMF to Charge Batteries". Expires March 13, 2021.

U.S. Patent 6,677,730 issued January 13, 2004 for a "Device and Method for Pulse Charging a Battery and for Driving Other Devices with a Pulse". Expires December 21, 2021.

Currently the company has one Patent Pending and is in preparation of filing additional patents.

SEC Filings

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Shareholders Information:   Energenx, Inc. is no longer a SEC reporting company. 

Dear Shareholder, 

Due to an extremely soft economy over the last several years Energenx has been forced to consolidate its efforts and we have been vigorously  trying to secure working capital and pursuing  to license our technology. Although many contacts have been made and considerable time has been invested in this effort, we have been unable to secure either sufficient working capital or any substantial licensing offer. Energenx continues to build and sell its innovative battery chargers, but these efforts are limited and only tailored to a specific market at  this time.  Although we are hopeful that one or more of our contacts may still result in an eventual license or investment , we continue our efforts towards this goal.        


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