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 Revolutionary New Charging Process  

Crystal Battery Light

 Solar Chargers for RV'S, Marine & Home 

Although there is no solution to reconstituting a shorted or severely damaged battery cell, our unique charging mythology actually break through the layers of sulfating that occur. Conventional chargers  cannot break through the sulfated layers that are normally associated with conventional charging and discharging cycles. After becoming so sulfated batteries can no longer be charged, most old batteries are recycled or discarded as worthless.

Our innovative new process now makes it possible for you to recover these unchangeable batteries, with replacement costs typically between $60.00 to $650.00 depending on your battery type. We have recently developed several different charging systems which are unique and available to different market segments for industry and consumers alike.

Our charging technology will save you money by providing a more powerful charge and increased productivity. With all of us now looking to help the environment, our charging process greatly reduces the amount of wasted energy, normally consumed in conventional charging while delivering a powerful charge that works it way through the battery. 

 Whether you are fleet operator or consumer check or Products page for a charger that fits your charging needs. Welcome to  the next evolution in battery maintenance that makes a difference.

 One of nature’s purest forms of electricity, the Crystal Water Battery. Three basic components are used in this battery, Alum, Copper and Magnesium and when coupled with the proper electronic circuit will produce a bright LED with an endless supply of electricity to power it.

The Crystal Water Battery has been designed for off grid and humanitarian use. By just adding water a chemical reaction begins, and the electrified crystals will begin to grow as they produce electricity, which will power the LED light. 

               Never Buy Batteries Again


Your Crystal Battery Light will perform for many years using just water as its only source of fuel. If your crystals dry out it will not damage the lamp and can sit for many years in this condition until needed. By just adding a few ounces of water around the crystal, it will return to its previous working condition and full brightness.

Your Crystal Light will produce enough light to read a book, use a mini flashlight  or nightlight and will last until the crystals run dry. Typically in most conditions The Crystal Light will last for twenty four hours or longer without adding water. When your light dims just add a little water and it will return to full brightness.

The Crystal Light can be ordered on  our Products page.  

Exciting New Technology

Energenx  has just developed a new line of Solar Controllers, which is utilizing proprietary new technology to help track the sun without actually moving the panels. In addition to this, unlike conventional solar controllers the new Solar Tracker III has an automatic de-sulfate mode built in. 

The Solar Tracker III  insures that your batteries get he maxim benefit of the suns energy by helping to de-sulfate the battery's plates as it charges. 

Once charged, the Solar Tracker III goes into a full de-sulfate mode and continues to work on breaking up the sulfates, which seriously impair your battery's ability to hold a full charge any longer. After time your battery simply loses its capacity, and eventually shorts out .     


The Solar Tracker III models are now available from 10 Amps to 80 Amps in 12 or 24-volt models. 

Please visit or Products page for additional information and ordering .  

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