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New Innovations

Solid-State Chargers

Solar / Wind and Electric Car

The primary objective for ENERGENX is the development and introduction into the market of highly efficient charging  systems.

These systems use an innovative, new technology to enhance the  charging process in lead-acid and gel-cell batteries.

In-house testing has been conducted on many different models to determine the optimal performance levels and power output, such as our new 2.5 amp Cellulizer . This new battery monitor / de-sulfating process provides the optimal float chargingto batteries which are stored for long periods of time. While we currently continue testing on these models, you can look forward to seeing them coming out soon.

We are currently continuing our research with the new crystal battery, as seen in the picture above. Some of our new innovations are sealed configurations and do not require additional liquid to be added. 

These new invasions will hopefully reduce our need for caustic materials, which are currently filling our landfills and contaminating our environment.


Small scale models are now being produced and tested in a verity of configurations. They have been built to prove the principles of this technology and  can perform a variety of tasks. Hopefully one day they will be on the market and be providing a clean and plentiful alternative to our ever growing energy needs.


Engineering and product development on the solid-state charger models continues to dominate the company's current list of objectives for 2007. Our charging technology will take many forms in a variety of products now being developed and tested.

Fully automated Industrial chargers are designed to meet the operational needs of fleet, warehouse, and individual use applications. State-of-the-art safety features are part of the design process, which will eliminate user/operator error during the charging process.


Energenx  battery charging technology can be adapted to specific products. These designs will meet the needs of existing or emerging markets with charging systems that use less energy and help extend battery life.

With energy being one of the defining issues of this century, Energenx technology will help to conserve power and promote a better charge capability in all lead-acid batteries.

By challenging current battery charging industry standards, Energenx technology
gives the lead-acid batteries new found practicality as a clean energy source for industry.


Energenx is continuing in-house testing of the new Solar-Kick Charge Controller System. We have integrated both solar and wind power into dual battery banks. This new innovation, seamlessly switches between battery banks to provide uninterrupted power. We believe this bold new concept will one day dominate the market, by producing far more energy than conventional solar charge control systems.

In-house demonstrations provide hands-on use of this highly innovative technology. Both professional and laypersons alike, agree that the technology can be adapted to a wide variety of products and market segments.


One of the most debilitating effects for electric vehicles is battery sulfation. This effect, over a years time, can easily rob your electric car of over 80% of its battery capacity, severely reducing round trip mileage.

Energenx plans to introduce and field test several charging systems that will address these negative effects and improve battery performance, increasing electric car mileage standards.

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